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Drain V2 - complete

Universally usable siphon for your shower

Use this item as you wish, whether to upgrade your existing shower system, to create an individual sanitary element, for your garden shower, in Basement or for your camping area. The hose size is chosen so that it can be connected to any standard 40mm HT pipe. The elegant design with a chrome-plated panel creates a perfect harmony with your interior. 3 sealing rings and a union nut are included. A hair strainer is included in the siphon. This catches unwanted residues and impurities and protects the drain from clogging. The sieve can be easily removed for cleaning.


- Material: sanitary plastic
- Universally applicable
- Incl. 3 sealing rings and a union nut
- Hair strainer for unwanted residue
- Ideal for your design L, XL Uranus or Poseidon

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